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writing and writing and writing some more

spilling words

//// all over 

so many words / 

/ floors covered

sinks brimming

and socks wet

with words

and / / / and / / / 


and words escape deep from within (my) body

sliding and transforming

and mutating

and shape shifting  

with feeling. 
































I return to earth for a moment

if only like a seed

humble, small and ready to grow again

in company

with that moist soil support. 


I dance in solitude 


yes you

you are my dearest friend

dear words.


Words and more words

spilling out

and over 

all y (our) edges

like the filters from my
hand bag all over the floor

that's right, 

My handbag. 

Grief got me feeling all fem again.


Some links to more formal publications of poetry / prose / academic texts and scores. More to add, they are slowly on the way. 

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