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Video essay, called: “Dancing with care, towards other possible futures”, is a visual research project created during the lockdown that explores concepts such as glitch or cyber feminism. It takes the form of a visual manifesto or collage that explores the idea of preparing for an uncertain future, exploring ideas of readiness and protest techniques to learn the necessary dance steps to arrive at this imagined or desired future. Using queer sex practices, strap- ons, crip theory and integrated dance techniques around support and the floor. Exploring rest, intimacy and solitude in relation to the power of femme penetration, community and the collective body. A search for connection, a poem about desire, a manifesto to dismantle patriarchy and abliesm. A means to prepare oneself for a future of uncertainty and precarity. Dance to keep yourself company, and keep company to your dance. The video was made in connection with a fanzine of physical exercises to train for the future.

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