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TWR Residency, Glasgow February, 2023

Dance Base Residency, Edinburgh, March 2023

/// some words I wrote before being in the room - s

My intention is to keep company to, and simultaneously be accompanied by the many layers, complexities, fragmentation and organized chaos that is my dance practice.  I will follow my intuition, leaning into sensing, moving from the floor, resting and giving in, defying gravity & resisting verticality, falling and falling some more, shaking, sweating, connecting, vibrating & hydrating. I will give time to the continuation of the research and development of a fictional archetype or living species that I'm calling “The Connector'', exploring the impossibility of closeness through a hybrid of movement & words, cables and carriers - this work is informed by my recent research around companionship planting (specifically The Three Sisters) and experiences of living with a virus. Working with and from the body, exploring support, relationality, co + interdependence, symbiotic coexistence via the structural possibilities of trios.

plug me in, 

pero con cuidado. 

I only work with a cable, I work like a cable, I work as a cable

INVITATION for a workshop that I led as part of my TWR residency for TWR members, 11th April 2023. 

I would like to open a door (thinking about doors in the words of Faloke Taylor, as possibilities for rooms and spaces with many imagined endings) to some of the current questions, thoughts, feelings and curiosities that inhabit and exist within my practice. I would like to invite you to tentatively, and / or boldly come through this door and to spend 3 hours in the company of, and simultaneously accompanied by others (human + non human, the people, practices, species, objects, materials and matter that constitute my current practice). The invitation is to be in – touch with these practices and scores through a physical, body based, sensorial movement session together. 


With this invitation, we acknowledge and support that consent always exists and that there are endless ways to participate, some of them being more visible than others, but all of them welcome. The invitation honors that each one of us are already experts at moving, and that we all know our bodies, limits and desires better than anyone else. We can pause and return to our bodies and their inherent knowledge at any given moment and trust that they will let us know what we need. Everything I propose is an invitation, a proposition + an option.  


**Except suffering - suffering is not an option, if you are suffering at any moment, you (we) pause and shift what it is you (we) are doing.  


Pleasure is the desired horizon. 



This door specifically enters into a room that at first sight / sense is a warm room with natural light and heating, a clean and slidey dance grey-ish dance floor, a big mirror, a heavy dramatic blue curtain and a balcony that offers both the views and temperatures of the outside. There is also a room before this room, that has a blue sofa, and a wooden table with chairs offering a space to be simultaneously both in and out of the other room/ and this invitation at any desired moment - es. There is another small room that opens via another door to a small kitchen where there will be a kettle and both hot and cold things to drink.  All of these rooms are on the second floor of Tramway, there is a lift that can be taken to reach it and inside the first room, there are two accessible bathrooms. 



After entering the biggest room (with the slidy floor) and collectively warming up ( both ourselves, the room and the energy - ies). I will share a series of different movement scores that support, inspire, form and inform how I move and/ or how I relate to my ( yours - our) body - (ies) in movement. These scores will specifically relate to my current obsessions and research into trios, threes, triangular constellations and the three sisters companionship planting method - with the desire to explore the possibilities of these as structures and advocates of support, symbiotic growth and sustainable companionship.  


These threes (trios - tripods) may be formed and - or navigated with other parts of ourselves (both internal and external) 

and - or with other - s 

with materials and matters  

surfaces, objects and species  

human and nonhuman  

mineral or liquid 

conceptual and or physical


we will work in 3’s 

exploring gravity, support  + rest 

letting go + holding on  

giving in  

falling down  


(in and out of love) 

to,with + from  

the floor.  


moving with our hearts over our heads,  

in both closeness and distance  


questioning how it is 

or maybe - could be  

that we connect and  - or  

stay in touch in touch  

and - or 

make connection -s  


stay connected  


(+ with care) 

+ boundaries.   


We will explore inter - dependency  


co - dependency  

whilst shaking vibrating hydrating and  




opening some more doors  

to some other potential rooms 

with thousands and thousands of imagained endings.   


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