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DIVIDE X 2 (2019 - 2022)

Directed and performed by: Romany Dear and Juana Del Mar

Music devised and performed by: Jose Marulanda. 

Video and artistic direction: Andres Arizmendy 



Divide x 2 is a multidisciplinary performance created with Juana Del Mar that explores some of the multiple identities and constructions of identity that we may simultaneously inhabit. An encounter that works with the idea of otherness and the possibility to be one with the / an other. The piece looks to create and construct a divided or fragmented body or self. Using live techno/ electronic music and culture to introduce and explore the idea of “the individual body” and “the collective body”. Exploring the construction and performativity of gender within this scene and how this entangled body looks to continually detangle and simultaneously bind itself to the other and notions of identity and place. 

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