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R O M A N Y   D E A R 


Romany Dear (she/they) was born under a gemini sun, in the north of England to Irish descent, she grew up in Glasgow and has spent the last 5 years living and working in Bogota, Colombia. Dear is an interdisciplinary artist, dancer and researcher, working with body based and movement practices across arts, dance, activism and education contexts. She is interested in the (im)possibilities of connecting, cables, plugs and vibrations, hyper in touch – ness, companionship and the messiness of care. Understanding her creative practice as a kind of relational ecology, a hybrid creature that navigates and explores possibilities for connecting and - or cultivating companionship. Her work and love for making work is centred around understanding that we are all dancers and we are all experts at moving. Whether within their teaching, performing and - or devising, romany's work looks to question, deconstruct and reassemble ideas, definitions, and possibilities for the language that exists around what bod(y)ies may/ could and/ can be (whether individual, social and/ or collective) . Her work is interested in the practices, politics and messiness of care and, of caring - exploring the relationship that this could or may have to pleasure. 

Her practice is currently informed by crip theory, deep cleaning and spilling, queer ecology, quantum entanglement, poly amorous love constellations, companionship and / or ways of “keeping company”. Using both somatic and sensorial scores, combined with highly physical body based practices to explore and produce hybrid immersive performances that produce conceptual, sensorial, linguistic +  textual experiences exploring how we may and or may not stay connected and how we may or may not "be in touch". 


In 2022, Romany graduated with a Masters in Interdisciplinary Live Arts, with electives in Crip Theory and Queer Cartographies of Feminist Sexualities from the National University, Bogota, Colombia. After moving there in 2018, she began working and performing as part of the multidisciplinary collective “La Compania” with Juana Del Mar and the creation of “Divide x 2”, most recently performed at Encuentros Festival in Brazil, 2022. Over the last 10 years, Romany has worked with integrated dance companies such as Indepen-dance (UK), Con Cuerpos (Colombia) AXIS (USA) and SIN FRONTERAS (Argentina) they have presented her work at La Cinemateca, Mapa Teatro, La Casona and El Parche in Bogotá, Colombia. She have also presented her work at Siobhan Davies Dance and The Swiss Church in London as well as The CCA, Market Gallery, Tramway and The Mackintosh Gallery in Glasgow, The DCA in Dundee and The RSA in Edinburgh. Romany is one of the co-founders of the organization, Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S) with Ashanti Harris and Julia Scott.  Currently they are based in Glasgow, she most recently is performed a work in progress in collaboration with Colombian artist, Juan Betancuth at Judson Church, in NYC, September, 2023.

















Link to video reel of some recent works (2019-2022)

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