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Directed and performed by: Romany Dear

Performed by: Juana Del Mar, Maria Luisa Vellpart and Ixel Mejia

Music devised and performed by: Jose Marulanda

Lighting design: Mateo Marino and Elisa Rivera

Presented at Mapa Teatro, Bogota, Colombia.

2021 - 2022

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Companionship Species is a multimedia performance that is centred around the cultivation  and application of radical care practices between living species, exploring the different relationships and forms of relating that exist between bodies and their diverse practices. Drawing upon somatic body techniques, quantum physics and BDSM, the piece explores  the queerness of nature, the development of techno cultures, the erotic's of touch and the intelligence of body photosynthesis and vibration as forms of communication. The piece explores how consent, participation and care can be navigated via a futuristic, dystopic, queer manifesto performed and generated by a collective body of entangled beings.

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