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Siobhan Davies Studios, London (2017)

The Swiss Church, London (2018)

El Parche Residencia (2019)

The CCA, (2015)

Solo Yolo (We still have many lives left to dance) explores authorship, collaboration and autonomy in performance. Part of the work takes the structure of a game—a strategy learnt from a week-long intensive with dancer and choreographer Alice Chauchat—and involves a changing set of parameters that are devised collectively by the dancers during the performance. These are assimilated by the dance, and consequently propose and dictate the movements and actions of the group. Dear says about the work: This piece attempts to explore transparency, resistance and oppositions. It is a piece that is made up of many dualities and a piece that talks. Continuously turning inside out on itself to question and propose other possibilities. The dance borrows the structure of a game, existing across different time zones that allows the dancers to dance their potential futures with that "YOLO feeling". Simultaneously physically performing and workshopping through propositions for their current and unfolding present. Using collective improvisation as a compositional method to highlight the grey areas that exist between how meaning is created, understood and read. The work continues my research into the relationship between notions of support and restraint, the author and performer, and the dance and the dancer/s. The ongoing nature of the piece allows for infinite variations, that are generated live, each time the work is performed. The piece experiments with notions of support, the parameters of when closeness and contact feels supportive and the potential or closeness for that to slip and to feel and or become oppressive, the piece plays with a kind of physic analysis of conversing between the dance and the dancers as separate modalities, like an in depth conversation with the dance's many selves: three Gemini heads, 6 million hearts and thousands of moving limbs inhabit the space together, they discuss, play, converse and question in a hybrid chaos of words, gestures, actions and loud beats. 

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