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(2015 - 2019)

Directed and performed by: Romany Dear

Performed by: Marianna Melo, Juana Del Mar, Nandi BheBhe, Michelle Warner Borrow,

Julia Scott, Ashanti Harris, Mele Broomes, Cassie Oji, Daniela Corda. Zephyr Liddell. 

Music devised and performed by: Tom Marshallsay (2015) and Jose Marulanda (2019) 

Presented at:

The CCA, Glasgow 2015

Siobhan Davies Studios, London 2016

El Parche Residency, Bogota, 2019

The Swiss Church, London 2019


Solo Yolo is a work that explores authorship, collaboration and autonomy, between performance and dance. The structure of the work is part of a game learned during a workshop with the artist Alice Chauchat in Brussels. The game has rules or parameters that are created for the collective and they are always changing during the performance. These are assimilated in the dance and  consequently, they propose and dictate the movements and actions of the performers, using the improvisation methodologies to explore the space between an idea that is being created and that is being interpreted. The work investigates the relationships between themes such as the construction of identity, support and restraint, authors and performers, dance and dancers. SOLO YOLO explores body and identity as a questionable construct, using verbal and non-verbal language to highlight the dualities and contradictions within the application of definitions. It is proposed as a constellation of unstable positions; the piece, the work, the dance is in conversation with itself itself, as in therapy, self-criticism or something similar. It is a process that has no end, the options of the work are endless. Nothing is fixed. It is a process between voice and body, dance and music, the individual and the collective. During the years that I have been developing this project and this work, the script and the structure have changed a lot. It is becoming more complex and each time the feeling and the game They are different. The piece has developed, changed and transformed each time it has been presented within different contexts, and across different languages. 

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