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BALLERS (2015 - 2016)

Directed by: Romany Dear

Performed and directed by: Romany Dear and Ashanti Harris 

Music used: A remix of the song Loosing you by Solange. 


Presented at:

Siobhan Davies Studios, London, UK 2017

Dundee Centre for Contemporary Art, 2016

The CCA, Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow 2015


Ballers is a duet devised and performed by two people or players. The piece is informed by Basketball dynamics and the use of the kinesphere in both somatic movement practices and Laban movement analysis. Exploring and playing with the spaces between improvisation and structure , using scores for possible modes of organising. The piece moves between play and dance, intimacy and aggression,  contact and blocking. The piece explores and imitates ideas of competition, both players attempt and / or  compete to win a game with a structure that doesn't really work , making the rules of meaningless or redundant play, entering into a space of performative and or constructed logics. The piece also has to do with humour, with creating or generating a work that references or dreams to be the perfect synchronised duo of an amazing pop star, exploring all the frustration of intimate dynamics when you end up wrestling with your crush but secretly you just want to hug them. Its a piece about relationships - play - intimacy - humour - and games without rules ..... and the desire to win! 

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