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WHEN I MOVE YOU MOVE (2013 - 2016)

Directed and performed by: Romany Dear, Julia Scott, Ashanti Harris, Mele Broomes,

Daniela Corda, Zephyr Liddell and Cassie Oji. 

Music produced by: Tom Marshallsay. 

Presented at: 

The Glasgow Weekend, The Volksbuhne Theatre, Berlin, 2016.

Dancing in a circle is reminder that we are part of a whole, Solo Show, CCA, Glasgow, 2015 

Dance is a language that we speak, Intermedia Gallery, CCA, Glasgow 2013

W.I.M.Y.M is a piece about gender, athletics, communication, resistance and rhythm. Built to from an investigation that explored the idea around what I was naming ​​"gestures of power". Observing athletics and practices of "warming up" and "preparing" in conversation with how gender and constructions of identity are performed and used within these contexts. The piece came out of a series of workshops with ten invited friends and performers were invited into a process to explore together how we could collectively incorporate gestures of "power" via and through our movements. Exploring notions of "masculinity" and representations of masculine power, within the body and how this informed and or influenced our movements. We spent lots of time walking, finding "that walk" for each one of us, that way you walk into a room and own it, instantly, each person finding their relationship to the speed, weight, gaze that this incorporated. Within this exploration this piece was devised, in an attempt to explore, dissect and embody some of these ideas. The piece explores a circular form towards the end where we enter and move together, a mixture of communicating, competition, flirting and and responding to each other. This was influenced by call and response structures that are born out of hip hop, jazz, break dance and in many dances from African diaspora. Using the form of circle as a space to speak and listen, to show and to share, and to be seen and to be celebrated.

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