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Collaboration with Raydale Dower and Jamie Crewe.

Movement direction by: Romany Dear

Performed by: Ashanti Harris, Julia Scott, Casey O' Connell, Zoe Williams, Daniela Corda, Emila Muller Ginorio. 

Music devised and performed by: Raydale Dower and Jamie Crewe 

Presented at: The Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow 2013

Black  Moon White Moon is sound to film performance that I was  for Entre Chien et Loup curated by Henry Coombes for Glasgow Film Festival at the Grand Central Hotel Ballroom. It was a collaboration between live jazz musicians Raydale Dower and Jamie Crewe, I was invited to do the movement direction and choreography for a group of performers to perform a live repetitive movement performance installation as part of Glasgow International Film Festival.

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